I'm Krissi,

aka Lady of the Deep.

I’m a small-town country loving “Zoni” (Arizonan), YouTuber, animal adorer, and Christ-centered educator with big dreams. Slightly obsessed with: Chai tea, animal kisses, and saltwater everything. I’ve been keepin’ it poppin’ since 1990. 

I’m a curious, Jesus-loving goofball of a woman with a classic case of RBF and a knack for telling it like it is in the most loving, “I’VE BEEN THERE,” way possible.

I care deeply about people and animals and desperately desire for us all to #lovedeeper and to create a reasonable end to all suffering for children and animals (as much as we can as a society). 

I wish we didn’t take ourselves so seriously, but the way we live our lives for greatness, our fulfillment, our sense of self-worth, and our ability to live our God Given plan very seriously. 

I speak, coach, and laugh about all of that so we can all take a deep breath IN...count for 5...and EXHALE laughing knowing you are SO not alone.

But I didn’t always use to be like this. I didn’t always have the self-confidence, fulfillment, and sense of freedom I do now.

In middle school and high school, I was a popular outcast. Meaning I was “popular” by association. I actually didn’t want to be popular. At the time, I was shy, innocent, and hated attention. I hated being popular. Eyes were always on me on how much I weighed, how I did my hair, what clothes I wore, who I associated with. Ick!

I was the guinea pig to society as a 90’s millennial. With MTV, photoshop, and vanity above else on the rise, It’s no surprise I was admitted into the Phoenix Childrens Hospital for my first half of Freshman year and developed depression, anxiety, and ultra low self-value to the start if my early adolescence that carried into my adulthood.


Most people put something next like, “Fast forward 7 years…” but to be honest, we are only backtracking a solid year! Yes. That’s right.

It wasn’t until the year, good ol' 2020 that I can honestly say I have undeniable fulfillment, freedom, and self-value coupled with self-TRUST again.

Gaining your life back to the way God intended it, full of adventure, purpose, and greatness can take a lifetime, (some people, never find it!). But I’m here to show you a totally easy, love centered, scripture backed short-cut to learning how to break addictions like food based addictions and intuitively eating, breaking the chains on societal norms all while losing weight, ALONG with equipping you for GREATNESS with emotional agility and God’s life purpose for you?

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I’m probably sipping on some chai tea or rosemary water, studying scripture, and dreaming up new ways I can help women create the passionate, adventurous and giving life, God intended them to have.

Why do you call yourself
Lady of the Deep?

My grandpa was actually a well-known marine biologist, working with Jacques Cousteau, and had a primary residence in Fairbanks, Alaska. He told me as a little girl the Inuit (formerly referred to as Eskimos) would call Humpback Whales, “King of the Deep,” because they are the largest creature on Earth known to man, yet the most compassionate and humble. See, humpback whales are infamous for saving hurt animals, and all sorts of smaller animals (like humans!) from predators.

I love to consider myself like a humpback whale because I use my “secret weapons” and tools learned from education and my influence to be a role model and help others! Obviously, I’m a woman though, and there is only one true King, Jesus Christ, so I went with the humble word, Lady.

 Finding Purpose
Body image
Achieving fulfillment
Living your God-Given purpose
Animal wellness
Mental and emotional wellness

3 Bachelor’s degrees in Sociology, Biology and Pre-Veterinary medicine
NLP and CBT Master Practitioner
Certified degree in Life Coaching
Proven track record, starting with myself!
Rosemary water

Coined from humpback whales and the ocean, it’s no surprise I take my business name to heart in everything I do.

I try to rep the Almighty God and Jesus Christ in everything I do.

I take my opportunities to shed light very seriously. I practice what I preach, everyday.

A title I wear with absolute joy to my “babygirl” Zoey aka Lil Bubby.

My business isn’t a hobby, it’s a seriously awesome way of life.

My full name is Kristen, but I'm “Krissi” to the world because when people say Krissi their mouth naturally smiles. And we like to make people smile around here.


Weekly Intentions Calendar PDF

Get the exact personalized weekly planner I use to meal prepplan workoutsschedule events, and so much more in this exclusive freebie color blocked in official Lady of the Deep's adorable colors.

Oh yea. We’re doing this Cosmo style.

1. My go-to outfit is:

a.  A dress & heels

starb.   Yoga pants & tee

c.  Jeans & tank

d.  A romper

2. Someday I want to:

3. If I could only keep one form of entertainment:

a.  Netflix

b.  YouTube

starc.   Books

d.  Videogaming

4. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be:

5. Most likely to binge watch:

a.  The Bachelor

b.  House Hunters

c.  The Voice

stard.  The Chosen

6. My drink of choice is:

a.  Matcha latte

starb.  Chai tea latte

c.  Coffee

d.  Coke

7. If you could eat one food for the rest of your life it would be:

8. I am deathly afraid of:

a.  Heights

b.  Spiders

c.  Flying

d.  Public Speaking

stare.  Not being able to reach more people with the Gospel

9. If you could meet one person dead or alive, it would be:

10. My friends describe me as:


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