How to Live a Meaningful Life Through Why Statements

christian living empowerment leadership life coaching life purpose mindset personal development testimonies wellness Sep 02, 2021

Dread. We have all been there at some point.

Whether we are dreading doing a certain responsibility or dreading waking up in the morning, dread is a real enemy right now in the 21st century.

Since when did we let our lives become a burden?

God Intended for us to have joy and abundance, so how did we land ourselves in, the very common place, of dreading life?

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So, before we continue to talk about how to create meaning, it's important we address the huge elephant of a question in the room: If we dread our lives, when why do we keep doing what we are doing?


People are afraid to fail. People are afraid to fail because they are comfortable in their suffering and they don't take action because they are afraid of failure. Therefore they would rather remain in a comfortable realm of suffering than to take ACTION and deal with the uncomfortable feeling of struggle.

Want to know a secret?

They are already struggling. As humans, we cannot avoid struggle. Therefore we should take action and build confidence within ourselves so that we spend our precious time less in fear and more in joy as God intended it.

So how do we get to a place of joy in life? We have to have meaningful connections. We have to feel fulfilled.

How do we feel fulfilled? By having a Why statement.

Here's a huge hint that most people miss: 

Your why statement should be less about you and MORE about others and serving a bigger cause. Who or what is it that you love to be around?

For example, if you love art, are their artist who are struggling right now that you can help in some way? If you love a broad category of demographic like animals, get more specific. For example, what is the animal you love the most, is there a void that is not being met in their world that you can fill? This will help your mind to stay focused and your meaning to be more impactful. 

By choosing a Why statement that is bigger than you, you will automatically find a new purpose in life. A new reason to wake up in the morning, because Hey! these people or animals are counting on you.

When you begin to find a new sense of purpose and belonging you will start to build confidence by SHOWING UP. 

HINT: Confidence is not about belief in self. Confidence is about your willingness to try and to keep trying. By taking action for ourselves and others we build resilience. When we build resilience we can get through anything life throws at us with ease and JOY because we have not only gained self-confidence but we are showing up for our Why statement, which now happens to be someone completely bigger than ourselves.

Our purpose here on Earth is not to dread but to have joy and to make a positive impact in the world. How can we expect to make a positive impact on the world if we are not showing up, finding our true Why (outside of ourselves), and taking action?

My challenge for you:

Journal and find your Why person or animal. Find a mission that is bigger than yourself and write in down on 5 stickie notes throughout your home that you will see everyday. Comment below who your Why is!