Hey lady! I’m Krissi aka Lady of the Deep. Can you relate to any of the below?


check You’re ready to start seeing yourself through God’s eyes instead of the eyes of the world.

check  You’re ready to immerse your spirit in deep prayer with Jesus, learning the truth behind food’s purpose; YOUR purpose.

check  You’re ready to drop as much MASSIVE weight as you choose while feeling GREAT (Psss...I’ve lost over 70 lbs in JUST 3 months).

check  You’re ready to look in the mirror & feel SO confident at the amazing woman starring back at you.

check  You’re ready to look and FEEL years younger (bye, bye wrinkles and inflammation) through my proven 5-step formula.

check  You’re ready to Rewire your mind, body, and spirit from societies “norm” in order to be reborn as your own #risingPhoenix, feeling confident, sexy, and powerful through Jesus in your same body! (Phew. No weird sci-fi surgeries here).

Feeling *Food Freedom* from all of the fad diets, failed weight loss programs & societal “expectations” about food is NOT some fantasy that seems like it could only come true in your wildest dreams... (*insert Taylor Swift Song here*).

NO. Freedom. Power. Rebirth in your OWN skin is like a Phoenix rising from the ashes taking back what society took from it AND coming back more powerful and beautiful than ever. You are her. The Path to Power is closer than you think with the Freedom From Food Lust Course

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